Crank Huntin’ w/ GoGo Craig

On Crank Huntin’ with GoGo Craig, I play the fresh crank I can find.  Those songs that might not be played in the club, but are still crankin’ like a mug!

Back in the 90’s I used to live with a group of rave DJs.  The parties were fun, but the music was repetitive and boring.  So I bought all the GoGo records I could find and began spinning GoGo music at raves and underground dance parties.  Surprisingly, the ravers loved GoGo music.  Soon I was getting gigs all around the world playing GoGo music for people who never heard GoGo before.  

While producing some dancehall reggae with artists in Kingston, Jamaica, I discovered that many Jamaican reggae artists love to sing their songs over GoGo pocket beats.  This gave me the idea to try and reach out to artists, DJs, and producers from various different genres and trying to get them to infuse that GoGo flavor into their music.

On Crank Huntin’ With GoGo Craig I go searching for all the GoGo influenced music I can find.  I track down all the GoGo mashups with other genres and play them for y’all.  If a hit song has a GoGo remix, you will hear it on Crank Huntin’ with GoGo Craig.  


LIVE in the GoWIN Media studios 3-30-19

LIVE in the GoWIN Media Studios 3-16-19

Live in Studio 3-2-19

GoGo Craig- Crank Huntin’ {4-21-18}

GoGo Craig- Crank Huntin’ {4-14-18}

GoGo Craig- Crank Huntin’ {4-7-18}

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