#CranKTherapy w/ Dj Chuck Clasik

#CrankTherapy, where Turntablism meets DC Go-Go. Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using turntables and a DJ mixer. Turntablists use turntable techniques like beat mixing/matching, scratching, and beat juggling.

Go-go is a popular music subgenre associated with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C., area during the mid-60s to late-70s. It remains primarily popular in the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) area as a uniquely regional music style. #CranKTherapy is the bridge merging the two. #CranKTherapy looks to take Go-Go to the corners of the world where Go-Go isn’t typically heard.

DJ Chuck Clasik Bio:
DJ Chuck Clasik, a Charlottesville, Virginia native was exposed to Hip-Hop at an early age. Sit with him and he will tell you the feeling he got the first time he heard Grandmaster Flash’s Adventures on the Wheels of Steele. It was at that moment he became curious about that sound, how it was made, and who did it. Living in a small university city in his early years yielded little hip hop, so when he heard this music, he grew attached. His uncle would get tapes from New York of dj’s like Jazzy Jay, Chuck Chillout, and Mr. Magic & Marley Marl to name a few. He would listen to these tapes over and over again. Then one day when he was just 8 years old, his uncle got a pair of turntables. His uncle showed him these turntables and put on Malcom McClaren’s Buffalo Gals. Then his uncle did something that he had only heard on tapes from NY, he did a Scratch. From that day, Clasik was hooked. He knew that this was something he wanted to do from that point on. He would be like a Siamese twin to his uncle, taking in all he could when it came to music and DJ’ing.

One summer day he was allowed to help his uncle set up for a cookout/party. Not only would he help to set up, but he got to help with the DJing. He was given the opportunity to get on the Wheels of Steel. As his uncle took the mic to hype the crowd up, he introduced his young nephew to the crowd. The crowd was hype; Clasik emulated what he had been watching his uncle do for hours at a time. The party goers went off as he remembered. “They were like, look at this kid doing what we only heard on records, and at that time, the only urban radio station in the small city” he says. That day would forever be remembered as the day he started DJ’ing.

When Clasik was 12, he moved to the capitol city of VA. In the 6th grade he met his partner in rhyme, Derrick, AKA Freak D. He was the MC, and back then, known as MixMaster E, Clasik was the DJ. They would record songs at Clasik’s house and soon added a couple of members to even out the sound. Over the years they both honed their skills and became well known in the Richmond area. From MixMaster E he changed his name to DJ Debonaire, he was known as the youngest DJ in Cap City. They would open for top acts such as, Run-DMC, Whodini, and LL Cool J, just to name a few. He had a spot on WCDX Power 92 on Saturday nights alongside DJ Sky. He would be the music maestro in control of some of the top clubs in the Richmond area. He became the resident DJ at the Ebony Island club as well as numerous hip-hop concerts at the Richmond coliseum. He would accomplish all of this before the age of 17. He was djing at clubs he was too young to get into and he loved every minute of it. 25+ years later, there has been no love lost. Clasik feels today about djing and the music as he did when he first touched a turntable. He still gets goose bumps. And that’s real talk.

There’s been a great number of MC’s, DJ’s and producers over the last three decades that helped Clasik develop into the DJ he is today, and he gives thanks to you all.

Today you can find Chuck Clasik in the mix on http://gogoradio.live as well as a host of other radio stations all over the world through the various DJ Networks and Coalitions.

Clasik doesn’t limit himself to turntables and DJ mixers, he’s also nice on the boards, making beats and providing mixing and mastering services. Need a beat crafted, hit him up.

You can find DJ Chuck Clasik on the net @djchuckclasik for everything!!!


LIVE from the GoWIN Media Studios 5-4-19

DJ Chuck Clasik – #CranKTherapy (04-21-18)

LIVE at the GoWIN Media Studios 4-13-19

DJ Chuck Clasik – CranKTherapy (02-17-18)

DJ Chuck Clasik – Cranktherapy (02-10-18)

DJ Chuck Clasik – #CranKTherapy (01-27-18)

DJ Chuck Clasik – #CranKTherapy (01-20-18)

DJ Chuck Clasik -#CrankTherapy (01-13-18)


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