Hard Hats & High Heels

#HatsAndHeels is hosted by radio and TV personality, Steph Lova and radio personality, hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur, PSTEW. The podcast features live performances, face-time with celebrities, athletes, and up and coming artists. Topics includes sports, music, entertainment and other viral B.S.

Thanks to Steph Lova and PSTEWs’ new podcast, listeners are going to have the privilege hearing out about the hottest topics from one of the most legendary voices on the radio in Steph Lova while getting insight from the hip-hop mogul PSTEW. Hard Hats and High Heels has you covered on all avenues of entertainment. Whether you’re an individual who is interested in the latest sports news or one who wants to hear about the latest going on in the entertainment world, Hard Hats and High Heels is the one stop podcast.

Hard Hats and High Heels will surely make you laugh, think and keep you coming back for more. With each episode, a special guest will be interviewed to give listeners firsthand insight on the topic at hand.  Steph and PSTEW’s quick wit allows guests to freely tell gut-busting anecdotes about their lives, and so much more. Tune-in to #HatsAndHeels Podcast because hearing is believing.


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