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The Shop, is an interactive show hosted by Hannibal The Boss, which provides its diverse listeners with a relaxing informative comedic reprieve from the rigors of everyday life.  Whether you’re an Entrepreneur or apart of The Weekly Workforce, no matter your grind, we all search for a release when the weekend arrives, whether it’s a visit to the Barber Shop for a Shape-Up, The Nail Shop for a Mani or Pedi, The Auto Mechanic Shop for a Tune-Up, or The Hair Salon/Shop for a Weave, we all look forward to the Weekend.  Come visit The Shop, with Hannibal The Boss, every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm as we discuss topics from relationships, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, nutrition awareness, social activism, and much more in a relaxed unscripted setting.  


Our Youth Our Truth W Nicole Tucker 7-21-18

Overstanding Domestic Violence 7-28-18

Thomas Goodman7-13-18

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